Don’t get ripped off

Why gym’s offer you the world….

It’s a new year and that means one thing for sure: we are being pummeled with advertising from the health and fitness industry all about getting fit and losing weight! But, how much do these businesses really care about YOU, or are they simply promising you the world, while hoping that soon after you join up, you’ll lose interest, give up, all while that direct debit keeps paying them?

Many of us have had an experience like this. After you join up, the friendly hello’s and excitement from the front counter staff starts to dwindle… Just when you need their motivation the most, it seems that their love starts to fade… You suddenly realise that you’re just another number to them and regardless if you achieve your goals or not they really aren’t all that interested.

Don’t despair! There are health and fitness businesses that do give a shit about you and care about you achieving your goals.

Most of the time, my clients have come to me after being through a situation like this. Their confidence is low, they’re not achieving their weight loss goals and they’ve become understandably cynical with businesses who promise the world and don’t deliver. What I generally find is that people come to me with the overall aim of losing weight, but along our journey we discover that their weight gains are just the symptoms of under lying problems or feelings. But, how do you wade through all the different businesses to find one that really ‘gets you’ and is on the same page?

Well here’s my tips to find a professional who cares enough to take the time to get to know YOU…

1 – Do not pay a joining fee!

There is no legitimate reason why a gym should be charging a joining fee. Honestly, what a crock of…you know what! If a gym is trying to charge you this fee, I’d suggest you ask yourself if they’ve really got your best interest in mind or if getting more dollars in their till is their real motive. If a joining fee was covering a genuine expense, then why do gyms constantly run ‘no joining fee’ promotions. It is a marketing tool designed to fool you into perceiving value that simply isn’t there.

2 – Refuse lock in contracts!

Is there a 12-month or 24-month lock in contract that you’re expected to join up to? Does the fortnightly direct debits form have lots of fine print explaining the cancellation fees and one month notice period. Gym chains actually rely on a steady flow of new clients who sign up then stop going, all the while pocketing your weekly direct debits. This way they continue to profit from your payments whilst also being able to join up more new clients, even when the client numbers on their books have gone well over the reasonable number of people who could ever fit into their gym. Again, if the gym really cared about you and had confidence in their skills to motivate you to keep coming back, then they wouldn’t lock you into a contract. You should be able to leave the gym at any time with no payout figure.

3 – Go local!

There are personal trainers, gyms and fitness brands that don’t have any of these hidden agendas and are in the industry because they’re passionate about helping people achieve their goals. In my experience, many of these are the independent operators you’ll find in your local community. They’ve built their reputations and their business on caring about their clients, and their clients stick with them and refer their friends and family. You’ll find these local operators will feel like a little fitness community where everyone that trains is happy, friendly, social and enjoys a good laugh (even if training isn’t the biggest love in their lives).

4 – Training outdoors is just as effective as in a gym –only cheaper!

You’ll find that most local personal trainers that train outdoors in parks are just as professional as anyone you’ll find inside a gym, but because they don’t carry the cost burden of gym overheads, joining fees, and general red tape, their rates are more affordable.

5 – For most of us, our it’s the ultimate quest to find a trainer that understands us.

It’s no different to the challenge of finding a new hairdresser or a doctor. You want to feel safe in their hands, and safe in the knowledge that your trainer understands that everyone is on a health and fitness journey for different reasons. Some want to get super fit, others want to train so they can enjoy a few drinks on the weekend. Be up front with your prospective trainer about your goals and ask them questions about the journey they’re going to take you on. You’ll soon find out if you feel like it’s where you belong for your fitness journey.

So, there you have it! My top tips for avoiding being ripped off by gyms that seem to offer you the world.

Best of luck,

With love
Brenton & Team Whoosh