Emotional Eating

So I hit day 7 and 8 of the 28day no sugar and alcohol challenge, and I must admit these 2 days were a challenge…

The 2 days just weren’t going to plan. Throughout the day I was really craving chocolate. I know right, like who would have figured.. you’re having a bad day and want a chocolate. I resisted the urge both of these days even though I did have to visit a supermarket. If it wasn’t for this challenge that I’m doing I 100% would have caved and bought something sweet and yummy to satisfy my feelings.

Interestingly though it wasn’t until I reached day 9 and these urges had passed that something made me reflect on that thought and feeling of annoyance and frustration. I’m a pretty fit guy, I run 8-10km a day with my dog “Bastian Bux the Beagle” I eat relatively cleanly with the occasional treat and very rare glass of wine, but this reflection made me think to myself… How often do I get this inner feeling?

It then struck me that years ago when I was a much larger guy how much I was an emotional eater, and that even though I have some what gotten past that stage of my life, that this feeling was still built in me and if it not for doing this challenge I wouldn’t have had this “AH HAAA” moment.

So now that I’ve had this AH HAA moment, where to from here… ?!?!?

I now know how I’m feeling when these cravings start popping up, so what is my “TO DO” before the feeling takes control and I cave to emotional food eating habits?

So I’ve prepared a 5 point list that I will go through every time I start to feel this way. Your list could be whatever you choose that makes you happy and kills this feeling, but here is my list to give you a bit of an idea of what I’m talking about:

1: Think about what triggered the feeling. If you don’t know what triggered it you will not know what signs to look out for in the future

2: Take a Step BACK. Before making any rash decisions, taking a step back allows me the time to stop, think and then react rather then just jumping the gun on the situation.

3: Change my focus to something I love doing. For me it’s going for a run, or taking my dog to the park. But this seriously could be anything from listening to your fav music, grabbing out a book you enjoy reading, hitting the gym for a quick HIIT workout. This list really is endless.

4: Now that I’m in a much calmer state of mind, the feeling of emotional eating cravings should have subsided and now I can tackle the situation with a clear mind without frustration or anger getting in the way.

5: There is more to life then getting frustrated, angry and bombing out your hard work for the week on emotional eating. There is far worse things in the world and as long as you’re healthy, moving, working and for the most part enjoying life then things are pretty good. So I shake off the angst and just move on and keep a smile on my dial… 🙂

So there you go, that’s how I go about dealing with emotional eating. Come up with your own list and stop slipping off the rails with your food just because something in life isn’t for that exact moment in time going your way. Do something you love and it is guaranteed to keep you on track!

Happy Planning Team!

The Whoosh Team 🙂