Encouragement Always Wins!

Everyone that works out has their own reasons for it. From taking your body to the next level, becoming the fittest you’ve ever been, a specific fitness goal, to feel better about yourself, de-stresses your day or allows you to have a glass of wine over dinner, everyone has their own reasons for fitness.

But fitness isn’t just for the already elite fit. No different to athletes, other people working out all come in different shapes and sizes too. So why does it feel like in today’s society that we need to cut people down because they apparently don’t fit the “norm”.

But may I ask… what is normal? Is it the super shredded fit guy? Is it the well toned lady with the perfect hair and tan? Is it the overweight person walking away on the treadmill? Is it the average joe blow who is skinny fit? The list could seriously go on for plenty more scenarios.

Everyone looks to others for inspiration, but is it ever acceptable to judge and put someone down whilst they are working out to move toward their goals? The simple answer is NO. There is no time that is ever acceptable to put someone down. We all have different life stories and journeys that we have all been on that has moved us to where we are today.

If you see that overweight person on the treadmill, cross trainer, or slowly jogging around the park or doing knee pushups, don’t put them down by looking, whispering and laughing to your friend, how about offer some encouragement and let them know how awesome they are doing.

I too was that overweight person… wondering how did I let myself get to this place. That in itself is a hard thing to accept when you look at yourself in the mirror day in day out and never actually smile at who you see. So you think to yourself… right! That’s IT! You set your alarm, you wake up early to train at 430-5am in the morning when it’s still dark outside so people can’t see you in daylight trying to workout. You feel uncomfortable, in pain but you keep pushing through. After 4 weeks of being really good with your food choices, and not skipping a workout you can feel yourself changing, you have more energy, you sleep better, and hey your clothes are fitting better too. Confidence is starting to come back into your life and you’ve now decided to start doing some early evening exercise after you get home from work. You’re on a high and everything is looking up, but on this particular Thursday night your going for your jog/walk and as you’re jogging along the road a car drives past and the passengers lean out the window and call you a “fat *$##*” then start laughing as they drive away.

Boom there goes your confidence, and it only takes that one scenario and things start to spiral out of control. You lose determination, you buy bad food to combat how you’re now feeling after the comments and the good work you had done has been unravelled all by some awful comments by people that have no idea who you are or what your story is.

These people are out there changing their lives and regardless of weight, size, height etc encouragement is the only thing that should be offered. If you can’t find something nice and encouraging to say then keep it to yourself… The world doesn’t need to hear any poor comments and neither does the person you are aiming them at, because what you say might just be enough to de-rail their progress and confidence to continue with their program.

Whoosh is all about having fun and helping people on their journey with whatever that maybe. We are here to support, guide and encourage to help you stay on track (or get you back on track) to moving you forward to your end goal!

So from us to you all, thank you for all being amazing fitness ambassadors. Thank you for always training with a smile on your face, having a laugh and putting in the hard work in every session. What you may not realise is the people around you that may see you as inspiration… so to all… keep up the great work !!

With Love – Whoosh Team 🙂