We’ve all seen them on infomercials, Shake Weights/Vibrating Platforms/Toning Shoes/Vibration Belts/Thigh Masters/Ab Circles. Do these pieces of equipment (if you can even call them that) actually provide benefits to people’s lifestyles and help improve their fitness?

Last year Australians spent in excess of $8 billion (Suncorp Bank Cost of Being Fit report) on all things gym and fitness related, from at home equipment, dvd’s, gym memberships etc. So what was the most effective outcome for most people?

I think we can all put up our hands and admit that we have all at some stage fallen to buying some piece of sporting equipment for home use that ended up just collecting dust in the back room of the house and never sees daylight again. However, then at the family garage sale the dust collecting purchase gets cleaned, shined up and labelled with a hand written sticky note saying something like “practically brand new” or “never used”.

So why do we do it to ourselves, why do we think this time will be different if I buy this new piece of equipment? The reality is for most people trying to workout at home, there is just too many distractions or excuses we can use to allow us to “not” workout. I’m tired, I worked back late, the kids, cooking dinner, guilt are just a few things that come to mind.

I’ve even read multiple articles on how much money is “wasted” on personal trainers every year and are they really beneficial to people wanting to workout to get results, as PT’s don’t offer any extra information or workout routines that you can’t google or do yourself.

The difference is PT’s are humans, we make connections, we encourage and motivate our clients to move more and ultimately hold our clients accountable to the personal goals they have set. Sometimes it’s not the equipment that gets the results. Equipment doesn’t feel guilty if you don’t use it and you can put it in the garage out of sight and out of mind. However when you know your PT is outside at 5am waiting for you to arrive for your scheduled 515am session it gives you a “real reason” to get out of bed and get moving. For the most, this is the motivation that is required which is a real human connection of understanding, laughter, fun and the most powerful thing being a trainer/client friendship and journey that we take together.

We know clients drink alcohol. We know clients get take away on the weekends. We know clients sneak in that occasional chocolate when you feel flat in the arvo. The best part is honesty, that’s what you get from your Personal Trainer and it works both ways. Some may see us as a waste of money that Google can research quicker workouts and do better, but you are missing one big part. That part is…. yes we are actually human. We are there to help guide you through great technique, keep you safe, push you outside of your comfort zone, help motivate you to move more and be the listening ear when you just need to let your “S&%*” out and don’t know who to talk to.

Being a Personal Trainer is so much more than just setting programs and showing people exercises. Don’t believe everything that you read, if you haven’t tried Personal Training give it a go and see the results you can achieve!

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