Getting Over Your Big Weekend

So it’s been a long weekend and you’ve hit the partying hard, but hang on… where did it go? Did you wake up Tuesday morning feeling a little worse for wear? If that’s how you’re feeling today then here are our top 5 tips on how to get back on track after your big boozy weekend.

1: Get back into routine as quickly as possible. If you continue to keep feeling sorry for yourself you are going to make more poor choices over the coming days. Get organised and get straight back on track!

2: Try and skip the morning coffee. Too much caffeine has been proven to dehydrate the body further and after a big weekend where your body is already feeling a little depleted of energy this could be the thing that takes you over the edge. Dehydration will make you feel tired and lethargic. Maybe opt for a drink change for today and try a green tea for example.

3: Increase your Water Intake. Make sure you get your body back to being hydrated again by increasing your water intake today. It’s struggled and kept you going all weekend so it’s time to repay the favour. The extra water will also help flush out some toxins that are still floating around inside your system from the weekend.

4: Exercise. Yes exercise.. as horrible as that sounds it is probably the best thing for you. It will help to sweat out any bad toxins in your system and get those endorphins pumping around your system to give you that boost and hop in your step to get your day started and your body back on track.

5: Keep stress to a minimum. Try to plan your week ahead to keep it structured and organised. Spend 10mins at the start of your day and get in the right head space, it will keep you focused and on track with what you need to achieve for your week.

So there you have it.. 5 quick and easy tips to help get you back on track and feeling motivated for your week ahead after a big long weekend. Just get into it !

Whoosh Team 🙂