Getting Fit on a Budget

You Don’t Need all the Bells and Whistles to get Fit

People seem so hung up these days on needing the top of the range of everything to get fit… but why?

From top of the range gym memberships, top of the range fitness equipment, iconic labelled sportswear, expensive sports supplements which are getting plugged everywhere you see from tv to print and hugely on social media. It seems to be more about status rather then finding the enjoyment in being active. Getting fit these days can be super expensive but does it really need to be? Let’s smash that myth. Read our top 5 tips on how to get fit without it needing to cost and arm and a leg to do it.

1. Buy sportswear that is comfortable. Your clothing should be comfortable for you. Don’t get sucked into the stigma of needing label this and label that. It’s not about others judging you on your clothes when you goto the gym or a group session. If there is one item of clothing that you should invest some dollars in (for women a well supported bra to reduce bounce and damage) (for men a good pair of underwear/skins for support and comfort). Exercising is about you and no one else, so get comfortable in what you’re training in.

2. Cardio Fitness. The best about most cardio is that it can be done for FREE! Whether its a walk, jog, run, sprints, skipping or even combining a combo of these together. You don’t need anything except you and the great outdoors. Get your heart pumping, reduce stress levels, breathe in some fresh air and get your sweat on. The beauty to doing this outdoors is you get to see the world, no more being stuck on a boring treadmill. Doing your cardio outdoors means you can change your route, distance and speed everyday if you want which keeps your body adapting to the new changes.

3. Body Weight Workouts. Keep your movements simple. Not everyone needs to get out there doing chin ups and 200kg Squats etc… So many people forget that some of the best movements can all be done with body weight which will still put your muscles under tension, increase your heart rate, burn more calories and help you to get stronger. Some of these basic movements being and not limited to : Push-ups, Squats, Squat Jumps, Lunges, Step Ups, Squat Holds, Core Planks in all various positions, Supermans (back). Again all these can be done completely free from your own home, outside or even combined into your cardio workouts.

4. Group Fitness Training. If it’s the self motivation you lack, then maybe hitting up a group fitness training group is what you need to look at. You’ll make new friends, feel more motivated about training with others, it’s just as much social as it is about working out. These day’s you can get some pretty reasonable rates to group fitness training that’s like having a Personal Training Session at just a fraction of the cost. So really it’s a win win!

5. Look at incorporating healthy food choices into your life before purchasing all these expensive supplements that guarantee the world. The reality is sports supplements can help you in achieving results, but the biggest problem with them is the inconsistency or incorrect use of them which unfortunately the responsibility falls straight back onto you. Most of the population would have far better results by making the choice to eat a more balanced, nutritious and healthy food plan. It’s not about the word “DIET”… It’s just about being healthy and giving your body the nutrients it needs to perform at it’s best. If you buy fresh fruit and veg that are in season your grocery shops will usually be far cheaper then filling your trolley full of high calorie junk foods.

So there you have it. Our top 5 list on how to get fit on a budget. You don’t need the best of everything to be able to start to make positive changes in your life. You just need the self belief that you can do it, AND YOU CAN!!

Happy Getting Active!

With Love
The Whoosh Team 🙂