Group Training and your Fears

I’ve heard it time and time again… I want to start training in a group but I have so many fears that I don’t think I can do it..

-I’m scared that I’m going to look like an idiot because I really have no idea what I’d be doing
-I don’t think I’ll be fit enough to be able to keep up with everyone else
-I don’t feel like I look good enough to train in a group
-I don’t want other people seeing me work out
-I don’t like gyms, but training outside freaks me out even more   because everyone will be able to see me

The list honestly can go on and on with fears of group training, and so what… you don’t know how to do a pushup or a squat. It doesn’t matter!! Neither did everyone else before we all learnt how to do them properly with correct technique.

Every Whoosh Group Training session is guaranteed that regardless of your fitness level you will get an awesome workout, burn loads of calories, have a good laugh, and have a fully qualified PT to help you do things right. That’s why we are there.

Once you get over the fears of the first session (they are always the worst), you will quickly realise that everyone in a group training class has strengths and weaknesses in their training. The laughs and different dynamics of a group are what make them enjoyable and fun. You will make new friends, have others encouraging you and keeping you on track, you will notice others complaining throughout sessions about things they also hate doing but having a laugh about it at the same time, and you will suddenly realise that it really isn’t that bad after all. A lot of people in group training all have the same fears as each other… and generally don’t “love” working out, but knowing they are doing something with other people make them feel better, feel stronger, feel fitter. It will help drive you to get better results, train harder in sessions and your fitness level will get tonnes better!

So beneath all the fears you just need to take that leap of faith that everything will be ok. All the clients are encouraging, welcoming and love seeing new faces in group sessions. We train hard, laugh hard, have fun and get the job done!

So stop feeling scared and come and give it a go. You never know you may just happen to totally surprise yourself in how much you might actually love training outdoors in the fresh air with others that all understand and feel the same as what you are feeling.

Get in touch with us at info@old.whooshpt.com If you would like to know more about our group training or personal training.   And don’t forget that training with a friend also massively helps, so rope your bestie into getting active with you and not only are you benefiting your fitness but helping others too!

The Whoosh Team 🙂