Holidays are Important!

Why is a mental break so important?

With reports showing that 30% of full-time workers in Australia have accrued 5+ weeks of annual leave.  Does this propose the question… why is a mental break so important and what is stopping people from utilising their annual leave.

We are very blessed in this country within most industries having a minimum of 4 weeks of annual leave.  What are you doing to maximise this time off?

Breaks are super important to recharge your soul, your mind and keep you motivated and functioning at your highest optimum level. The more leave you accrue and bank, the more chance you risk of having a serious burnout or mental implosion… and let’s be honest no one needs to see this happen to you.

You know that moment, when it all gets too much and you just lose your S*^# …I mean marbles lol.
I can hear all the excuses from you as you’re reading this.  Who’s going to relieve me while I’m away?  No one can do the job as good as me. What will happen to my clients if I’m away?  There isn’t enough hours in the day. I’ll be available on email if they desperately need something. So where does it stop? These are all very valid reasons that need to be overcome so how do you go about changing the focus to ensure you can take the time off that you require to recharge.

Here’s our tips on helping you overcome your challenges to ensure you are able to take that beach, sun and surf relaxation holiday and …… actually relax and disconnect!

5 top tips below!

1: Write down all the things that are stopping you from taking a break, yes I mean all of them. Create a really detailed list.

2: With the list of “road blocks” that you have listed in point number 1, it’s now time to write an action plan about how you’re going to overcome them. Undertake more team training to up skill others around you.  Pre plan your booked holiday time well in advance.

3. Plan a schedule thats achievable in breaking down the workload from the created list.  Working through each point until it’s all marked as completed will keep you in control.

4: Create a list of contacts before you leave.  This way your team around you are aware of who they can contact for assistance if required in regards to certain things. This will stop them automatically reaching for their phone and either texting or emailing you.

5: You are worth it! And don’t ever say you’re not.  You work hard and should be rewarding yourself with the time off and doing something your passionate about. Scarily enough if you switch off that email account for a week the world will keep turning and the sun will rise and set regardless of what is happening on that digital platform. You might even find looking up at the world around you rather than at your phone. How much of life is passing you by without you even realising?

So go on reward yourself. It’s time to get up, stand up tall and take action on getting some well deserved rest and relaxation into your life today. Go on book that holiday of your dreams!

With Love,
Whoosh Team 🙂