Injured? Stay Motivated with these tips!

Our TOP 5 TIPS for staying motivated while recovering from an injury

I get it: an injury can absolutely kill your motivation to train! It totally sucks! One minute you’re on a high, training hard and smashing your goals, then BAM you’re struck down with an injury. But if it happens to you, the trick is to keep your spirits high while you heal, so that you don’t spiral out of control and risk your frustration and annoyance turning into depression.

Here’s our TOP 5 TIPS to keep you motivated through the healing period:

1 – Accept the situation: If you’re feeling sharpness in any joint or muscle, stop what you’re doing and accept that it isn’t a normal feeling! Don’t simply ignore it. That pain is your body trying to tell you there’s something wrong, so don’t just try and train through it, you’re risking permanent damage.

2 – Find the right health practitioner: There is no point wasting time or money seeing someone that isn’t an expert in your injury. Make an appointment to see the correct practitioner, based on where you’re feeling pain. Also, consider that some injuries can take time to heal and rehabilitation can sometime require regular follow-ups to ensure you’re healing correctly, so don’t assume that one quick check-up is all you’ll need.

3 – Treat your rehabilitation like training: Getting your body rocking again after an injury often comes down to how you look after yourself while you heal. Thinking you’re invincible and using the injured area too quickly is when most people re-injure themselves. It’s no different to having a training program to follow when you’re fully fit, you need to build up to fully achieving your goals. Follow the right program for you and see your treating health practitioner regularly until they give you the tick of approval for you to get back into a full training program.

4 – Focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T: It’s so easy let an injury de-rail you completely, making poor eating and drinking choices because your negative mindset somehow justifies them while you’re not fully fit. But stacking on the weight again now just because you feel crap, isn’t going to make you feel good now or in the coming months when you have to work it off again. So, do what you must do to stay positive. Re-set your fitness goals, focus on training the limbs and muscles that aren’t affected by your injury, or adjust your exercises in line with your healing plan.

5 – Prevent a re-injury: Listening to your body and learning the difference between post-training muscle soreness and muscular pain that could potentially be the early onset of an injury. If you feel a niggle in your body, go and get it checked out before it turns into a bigger problem. And when you’re coming back from an injury, be sure you’ve got the right advice to ensure your training doesn’t re-injure the same location again.

So, there you have it: our TOP 5 TIPS for maintaining a positive mindset as you overcome an injury and get your fitness goals back on track as quickly as possible.

Keep fit, stay healthy, be mind strong!

With Love,

Team Whoosh 🙂