Knowledge is Power

When it comes to starting your fitness journey (or continuing your great progress already made) knowing your stuff is what will make the big difference between achieving what you want to achieve or falling off the bike and not getting back on.

The health and fitness industry is really good at selling people quick fads to apparently get quick results. STOP wasting your money on this rubbish.

Knowledge is power when it comes to achieving your fitness visions. The more you can read, watch, understand and put into action in your day to day life will heed big improvements with your end vision of achieving the things you want in life.

When it comes to fitness most people’s visions are to lose weight. But what does this really mean for you? Are you dreading the 545am alarms to get you up and out of bed to get moving with exercise to start your day? Or is the hard part the food and preparation to ensure your success? Everyone’s struggles are different. Everyone’s life and job expectations are different. Some people work shift work, others work 9-5 and other’s are internationally on planes hop skipping their way across the planet. But the key is to finding and figuring out what works for you.

Success = Consistency

You must be honest with yourself about what is realistic for you to achieve. You aren’t on TV with zero other life factors getting in the way to just focus on weight loss, you don’t have a personal chef or private Personal Trainer to be with you every waking moment of the day, so the key is to figure out what it is that’s going to stop the excuses and make you consistent.

Personally I’ve had several different jobs across my working life thus far, from corporate jobs with big Aussie retailers where long hours were just ‘expected’, to owning businesses which involved huge amounts of highway car based travel which played a big problem on my waistline. By using excuses, I constantly told my mind that the energy drink and daily chocolate I was eating was a deserved snack, or the burger at lunchtime with the hot chips was for a job well done. I was tricking my mind into telling me that it was deserved, but yet all I was doing was setting myself up for failure in the long run, with the feeling of unhappiness, lack of confidence, bad skin, unhealthy waistline, largely sized clothes and not loving who I saw in the mirror. How did I get myself out of this?

Knowledge is the key!

If you don’t understand why or how it’s happening, or not willing to accept that you’re the problem, or you’re giving excuses for your tiredness or laziness then unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much you plan to train and exercise you can’t out train a bad diet. I’m not meaning diet in the sense that most people associate with it… for example I’m cutting out carbs, I’m cutting out fat, goodbye sugar etc. To me, the word diet merely just stands for a healthy based food plan that is nutritious for my body and soul, gives me the energy to do what I want to do with my life, is full of flavour from natural products and stacks great nutrients to not only keep me healthy but is also great for my waistline too. Once you have this knowledge for what is good for you, it will change everything. If you truly want to change, THAT’S GREAT! But make sure you set yourself up to achieve and not fail. Have the knowledge first, then make the appropriate steps to make the positive changes in your life your need to make.

Of recent I’ve really been watching lots of informative TedX talks on YouTube from goal setting, to understanding what diet’s do to your body, the perception of overweight or skinny people and so on. The information I’ve learnt and retained helps me to keep evolving to continue on my fitness journey and I have no doubt will help my clients in the long run also.

If you struggle for time, we regularly share these short videos on our Facebook page and I encourage you to take the 10mins out of your life and watch them. I can guarantee you will learn new information that may just be that light bulb moment which helps motivate or even re-motivate you with your fitness journey. There are people out there willing to help you with your journey, take their advice! And stop making excuses for the reasons WHY things haven’t worked. Because if you’re serious about change you can make this a bloody good positive one for you, your life and everyone else around you.

With Love

Team Whoosh
Fitness Director