Leg Strength and it’s Importance

Why Is Leg Strength So Important?

It’s that time of the week and you know its been coming…. DON”T SKIP IT! Leg day to most seems and feels like a chore, along with knowing how your legs will feel the following 2 days after the workout. Hopefully though after reading our top 5 tips on why Leg Strength is so important you will think twice before skipping over this day!

1- It helps to increase your calorie burn! I know right… who would have thought that training your legs would help to increase and speed up your overall calorie burn. But it’s true. If you are training your legs this means you are building more lean muscle in your quads, hamstrings etc and being some of the biggest muscles in your body this means the more lean and built your legs are the more calories you are going to burn.

2- Training legs will also help to shape up and tone your upper body. Doing exercises like squats, deadlifts, goblet squats etc are all great for toning and shaping your upper body. How I hear you ask? Well when you are holding weights you are naturally working all those upper body muscles to help support and stabilise that weight. This also then switches on your back and core muscles, so it’s really a full body win win situation!

3- You will build a stronger mind. Perfecting your technique on movements like a lunge, squat or deadlift will empower your mind to switch on and keep your body aligned and moving correctly. Along with this, being hard compound moves (ie working more then 1 muscle at a time) it will train your mind to work harder and stronger to encourage you to finish your set and workout.

4- Reducing the risk of injury has to be a big one. People who train legs ensure that the muscles are nice and strong in and around joints and thus help to stabilise the body and reduce injury from occuring. A lot of time injuries happen from poor muscle instability and unconditioned hamstrings and can lead to heaps of issues for example a sore lower back etc.

5- You will feel healthy, fit and strong! There is nothing like being able to pick up those shopping bags with less effort required because your lower body is getting stronger. Running up the stairs without your quads and calves being on fire.

There is so many positives that come from training legs that it’s a crazy notion to think you wouldn’t want to train them. The positives certainly out weigh the negatives. So what are you waiting for? Get to it… Start doing some squats on your lunch break, some lunges to the water fountain and your body will LOVE you for it in the long run!

Love Your Legs!

The Whoosh Team 🙂