Making S*%^ Happen!

The last couple of years have been pretty full on. But it took some pretty big changes back in 2014/2015 to start me on my way to making some pretty drastic changes in my life.

After spending a couple of hard years working the corporate grind I finally made the decision and had the guts to take the leap into the fitness world as a Personal Trainer. Since then I haven’t looked back. However it has been a massive learning curve on all fronts, but the biggest thing that has changed in me is the opportunity to start trying new things in my life, pushing the limits further then I ever thought I could mentally go.

Everyday I get to listen to clients talking about all aspects of their life. One of the most resounding things is how many people don’t enjoy their jobs or feel like they are merely just gliding through life and not really ever living. So how do you break out of this life that just keeps repeating itself? It’s hard… it took me song long to be able to have the confidence in myself to make the changes which I needed to create to be able to start living.

Since that day of handing in my resignation to my corporate job things have really looked up. I now get to wake up everyday and do a job that I love, which helps to make people laugh, get motivated, feel good about themselves, get fitter and encourage passion back into their lives. Now who wouldn’t want to wake up to that feeling everyday?

Since becoming a Personal Trainer I have been on some of the most inspiring holidays that I’ve ever been on. I’ve trekked the Inca Trail in Peru (highest point just over 4000m above sea level), Zip lined on the worlds longest zip-line which gets up to speeds of 120km/hr, seen the amazing animals in the wild and living free in Africa, Bungee Jumped off the Victoria Falls bridge in Zimbabwe (apart from having a freezing terror of heights I still did it), Been to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, rode a bike for 53km around LA, met some amazing people who will be life long friends and opened up the world to so many other opportunities for travel of which I can’t wait to experience.

I guess what I’m hinting at is that at the end of the day money is just money, you can have millions of it but are you really living? Everyone’s perception of living is different but I have now understood what life means to me, I wake up everyday to work a job I love to be able to travel and experience the world in my down time. Seeing how other people live, interacting with one another, seeing different cultures from the rich to poverty and yet seeing how at the heart of it all family always shines through.

So what are you waiting for? There is only one person that can truly change your life, and that’s you! It doesn’t matter how much other people try to help encourage change in your life, nothing will ever truly happen until you believe in yourself, back yourself and create change. Yes change is scary, quitting a job is scary and at the end of the day if you’re in a stable job it almost acts as a security blanket to you even if you don’t particularly enjoy it.

Believe in yourself, find your passion and follow your dreams. You never know what might be just around the corner, but from my experience some decisions are terrifying but never regrettable. You live and you learn, but if you just exist are you really living?

If you want to follow your dreams then start mapping out how you’re going to do it…

I wish you all the best of luck with some new found motivation to make change in your life!

With Love

Team Whoosh 🙂