Marathon Training Week 1

With 12 weeks to go until marathon day, my training plan was set and I was ready to go. All my training runs were loaded into my calendar, my food plan was prepared, and I was focused! I’d already been on a couple of really great runs, putting in good distances with pretty great times –it had really helped my mental readiness for what was ahead of me. I was feeling great! Then the unthinkable happened.

Early on Saturday morning, dashing down the stairs at a quick pace, heading out to train my first client of the day… BAM! CRASH! GROAN! I went for one almighty bloody great slip down the stairs landing directly on my tailbone on the edge of the step. I lay there groaning, winded and a bit stunned. Then the wave of pain hit me!

But there was no time for that, I had clients to train. A few minutes on the floor and a few deep breaths later, I got up and headed out to train my Saturday morning clients. If I’m being completely honest with myself, pressing ahead with a full schedule of clients really wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had. I couldn’t bend and couldn’t pick up any weights, not to mention every bump in the road as I drove from appointment to appointment came with the added treat of sharp stabbing pains.

By the time I got home at midday, I practically broke down in tears. But it wasn’t really the literal pain in my arse that was hitting me hard, by then it was the painful reality setting in that another opportunity to run a marathon could be slipping away from me due to this injury. Marathons and I have a rocky past and let’s just say that so far it’s been a whole lot more rocky than I’d like.

By that afternoon all my focus was lost. My plan was completely out of my mind and my mood started to fall into a massive slump. This is the mood I get in where my brain seems to give me permission to do things that I wouldn’t usually do! No, not so much giving me permission, more that it demands that I do destructive things to match my down and out emotional state. Alcohol …tick! Chocolate …tick! Ice Cream …tick! Pancakes (the maple syrup and ice cream covered kind)…tick! My strength of mind had totally lost control and was out to justify to myself and anyone around me why this sudden change in diet was okay! Not just okay, it was suddenly essential that I treat myself, it didn’t matter how unhealthy my choices were, I deserved it, I needed it, and I didn’t need to feel guilty about any of it.

In reality, my injury was minor –I was just badly bruised. After each day the following week I felt the pain decreasing and my mobility starting to come back. A week on and I’m feeling good and on the mend. However my stomach is a whole other matter. While my bruises are healing, my insides are reeling from a weeklong bender of feeding my depression! I feel full, fat, slow, tired, exhausted, and not at all motivated to be running a marathon in 11 weeks. But I refuse to let this get the better of me!

So as I write this, today is the day to get back on track! I know that I need to double my training efforts this week to start to burn off my excess calorie intake of the past week. And with every agonizing rep, with every drop of sweat, I’ll remind myself that I did this to myself. We all make choices that we regret and for me this is one of those moments. After a life of struggling with self-control and using food as a source of comfort, it’s still a learning curve to have a strong mind that can make the right choices.

I’m going to have to work harder than my original training plan required, but I’m ok with that. I lost control and the harder I work the tougher my mind will be the next time I’m faced with a moment when I might otherwise be weak. I will be in a much more positive space to help deal with my feelings and emotions. I’m heading off now to get my bruised arse back on track with my marathon training! So get out there… LIVE LIFE, LOVE WHOOSH!

Brenton ☺
Fitness Director – Whoosh Fitness