Why measuring BMI is wrong

So what is BMI?

BMI is how the health industry has been measuring people’s Body Mass Index for years, however a lot of recent information is coming to light in regards to whether or not this is the best way to figure out if someone is classified as underweight, healthy, overweight or obese.

There is some pretty big key factors which point directly at why measuring BMI is completely inaccurate and we should be looking at other more up to date ways for measuring someone’s health. The evidence of medical studies and also using basic common sense can prove that this method is outdated and just wrong.

Here’s our top 3 reasons why you should skip your next BMI test and opt in for other types of fitness testing.

1 – It doesn’t differentiate your sex or your age.

We all know that men and women have different shaped bodies that carry their weight differently at different stages of their lives. So how can this type of testing be a 1 size fits all measure?

2 – Muscle and fat is not taken into account. Muscle actually weighs far more then fat.

I need you to picture yourself in 2 different scenarios.

I know, I know… your thinking what is this guy rabbiting on about but trust me just go on the journey with me for just a second… first picture yourself as your current weight right now but you have 30% body fat. Got that picture in your head? Awesome! Now, you are still the same weight but instead of 30% body fat you are 12% body fat with a much more toned body… Much easier to picture that isn’t it lol… So here’s the stickler, if you were to measure yourself under the BMI calculator with these 2 separate situations the more toned and less body fat percentage scenario will actually score worse under the BMI calculator and potentially put you in an over weight or potentially even an obese category purely because muscle weighs more then fat, but yet you are healthier, stronger and fitter. I know which scenario I would rather be aligned with, the more toned, fitter and healthier version of myself.

3 – It doesn’t take into any account of your current health based on the fuel you provide your body in the way of food.

For example, you could be a super skinny person and eat extremely bad food all the time, verse someone that may have a few extra kg’s then recommended, however eats an extremely clean and healthy diet. The person drinking more water and eating healthier is by far in my opinion the healthier person in this scenario. Providing your body with the right nutrients to function properly is key to optimum health.

So how do you go about measuring your health? Measurements of waistline/belly button is a key indicator if you need to make some serious changes in your life. There is also new high tech scans making there way into the industry that are pretty inexpensive. In these scans you are shown with accurate results surrounding body fat %, muscle mass % and so on along with providing physical picture evidence of your body.  These provide a much better way of finding your health status which in turn allows you to make targeted changes in your life to move forward to a journey of better health.

So there you go, my reasons for why it’s time to move on from testing the BMI and using more advanced and recent methods to test for people’s general fitness.

Until next time…

Keep fit, stay healthy and be full of love

Fitness Director
Whoosh Fitness