You need to GET REAL

New goals for the New Year

So the Christmas feast is over, and we’re now just a few days out from the start of a new year. It’s around this time that many of us start thinking about our new years resolutions. But, before you look towards a new set of goals, I think it’s important for a moment of reflection about the resolutions you made last year and what happened to them.

This may feel a little confronting, but I’m not suggesting this to dim your party vibe. In fact, you can take some comfort from the fact that, according to some Googling I just did, as many as 90% of people who set out to start a New Years resolution end up failing! And these weren’t outrageous resolutions about finding true love or winning the lottery, some of the more popular resolutions that we make (and invariably break) sound a little like… “I’m going to lose weight” “I’ll eat healthier” or “minimum 5 gym sessions a week” “alcohol only on weekends” “go for a daily walk/jog/run” “travel the world” or “quit smoking”.

Now, I’m not saying they’re not great resolutions to make, but if you want to avoid becoming a failure statistic —and give your resolution every chance of success— consider these few questions before you commit…

Why has it taken for New Year to come around for you to set this goal? Why haven’t you started already?
What feelings do you have about letting another year pass you by without taking action towards this goal?
What got in the way of you achieving your goal in 2017?
Why was it so hard that you couldn’t stick to it?
How did you react when you fell off the boat the previous time?
How is 2018 going to make any difference to you achieving this new goal?

Answering these questions honestly, is about deciding if you’re mentally ready to get stuck in and start succeeding. If that voice inside your head is saying things like “life’s too busy” “I don’t have the time” “it’s really hard” “I’m too tired some mornings” “the kids are taking up all my time” or “salads just don’t taste as good as…” then there is definitely some work you need to work do before you start setting those New Years resolutions.

So, if this is you, how do you get back on track? I’m going to share with you my personal top five points for success. Be warned though, some people can get a little emotional about this list, feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment are all normal. But, we can’t keep using excuses to justify why our goals get derailed. This could be the difference between succeeding or potentially failing (again).

1 – You need to GET REAL! If you aren’t willing to be honest and realistic with yourself then nothing is going to change!

2 – Create an action plan based on the stumbling blocks from last year that you considered when answering the questions above. A goal without an action plan, is like trying to find your way to a destination without a road map.

3 – There isn’t enough time / I’m just so busy… are not valid excuses. For most people it’s actually just about being planned and organised. It’s surprising how much time you will find in your week if you’re planned and prepared for the week ahead. For example, just one hour today spent meal prepping your lunches for the week ahead, could save you five hours and countless empty calories consumed during the week.

4 – Have an awesome network of people around you. No, I don’t just mean your friends and family (however they’re very important). I’m talking here about professionals that will help with the advice and motivation to get you there. Personal trainers, group fitness instructors, dieticians, planners, organisers and so on. Having a network of great people will not only save you time but teach you how to be organised, planned and on track moving forward.

5 – If nothing changes, nothing changes. That’s right people, if we aren’t prepared to make some pretty drastic changes and cut the crap, then the chances of actually achieving what we want to achieve are really slim. So be prepared to stand up – own up – and change and you’ll have a much more successful attempt at setting (and sticking to) those New Year’s resolutions.

Best of luck with the coming days, enjoy your Near Year and stay safe and healthy,

With love,
Team Whoosh 🙂