Protein options that aren’t meat

Other ways to get a great source of protein.

So we all know that protein intake is essential in any well balanced diet to help keep you feeling full and satisfied, and helps muscle repair in your body to helping you increase muscle size over a longer period of time, however most of us only ever think of gaining protein source from one type of food … meat.

There is other ways however to get good portions of protein into your daily intake but what are they? Well keep on reading and you’ll see our top tips on what other foods to add into your diet to ensure you are getting enough protein into your daily food consumption.

1- Eggs : Whether eaten alone or even better as an omelette with some added veg etc eggs are a great way to stack some protein into your daily intake.

2- Cottage Cheese : in 100g of cottage cheese you could get upto 11g protein whilst also being a lot lower in fat then most other cheese.

3- 1/3 Cup of Lentils, Chickpeas : These guys will provide you with upto 10g of protein. Making vegetable stews etc? add some of these guys in for that extra bang into your food intake.

4- 2 cups of spinach : with 10g of protein for just 2 cups of spinach these are great add in to your daily smoothie, on the side with your eggs, or use them in a lunchtime wrap instead of lettuce.

5- Pair seeds and grains with greens : Seeds are a great way to get extra protein along with essential fats into your diet. They help to create texture and crunch within your food and popping some over steamed vegetables for dinner or lunch can help create new flavours you haven’t tried before.

6- 1/3 cup of oats has approx 7g protein : Perfect added into your morning smoothie to help give you a good energy boost, oats are great at also giving you a good source of daily protein. Who would have knew aye?

7- 1/3 cup of beans : With at least 10g protein and some like black beans and kidney beans having even more makes these guys a great easy way to increase vegetable intake but get good amounts of protein into your diet also. You can have them in curries, stews, salads. If you google recipes for beans you will have thousands of amazing recipes you can try out!

So there you have it… some easy ways to spice up your weekly food flavours by using different food groups and items that aren’t meat, to help you source a great range of protein for your body.

Enjoy trying some new flavours and recipes this week!

With Love

Team Whoosh 🙂