How to Run your first 5km run

Running your first 5km?  Check out our top tips on how to achieve this.

So you’ve set yourself a goal of wanting to run your first 5km fun run. So where do you start? For fresh beginners to running this could be a super scary situation to be in. I can tell you from my personal experience that the first time I set a task to run 5km I was secretly bloody scared. Since that day I have certainly learnt many things about running and have now moved up into the marathon distances of 42km. Regardless of the goal you set, a distance that is further then what you have ever run before is always a scary thing to comprehend.

Check out our tips below on how you can get started today!

Tip #1 : Get out of your own head. Most people are more scared about trying to achieve a goal like this because they are scared of crossing the finish line last or being really slow. But seriously… WHO CARES! You are out there achieving something for yourself. Nothing feels better then crossing that finish line (regardless on your placing number) because you have achieved it. This will inspire you to keep moving forward onto new bigger and better goals.

Tip #2 : Everyone starts the same way. It takes motivation and determination to keep moving forward. But the reality is, it starts by placing one foot in front of the other. Your body will hurt a bit more then usual, but start by understanding your limitations. You can’t expect to just walk out there and start running and achieve 5km from scratch. You need to plan your distances, listen to your body, and week on week have 1 run which is a little further in distance then the previous week.

Tip #3 : Stretching your body is super important! After each run you should spend 10mins cooling down and stretching out your muscles, specifically your legs, glutes and back. Keeping your muscles loose will ensure they don’t lock up and cramp or break down on you whilst you are out running.

Tip #4 : Understand your limitations with speed. It’s not about being the fastest, it’s about finishing. The more experienced you become the more you can work on your speed over the distance. However if this is your first run of a complete full 5km, you need to be sensible and understand when your body is telling you to slow down, stretch, re-hydrate. Listening to yourself is key to becoming a stronger runner.

Tip #5 : Enjoy the experience. Make sure you smile on a regular basis while you are training, your doing great by getting out there and working towards a fitness goals and that’s bloody awesome! Not only are you going to achieve an awesome goal but you’ll be getting healthier and fitter as every day goes by. With some added weight loss along the way who wouldn’t want to get into running more?

Tip #6 : It’s about being planned to ensure you achieve. You need to have your training mapped out and scaled appropriately in weekly increases in distance to ensure you don’t over train and create an injury, because there is nothing worse then trying to train through while dealing with a niggling injury. Be Smart and Be Safe.

I can guarantee you will start to enjoy running, and even for me personally running is now my relaxation time. It allows me time to wind down from my day, or start my day right by getting my body moving. I started with small distances, and caught the running bug and have just continued to increase my distances over time all whilst being safe and listening to my body.

So get out there and start enjoying the great weather we are now starting to experience by training for something new for you to achieve!

Enjoy your running!

With Love,

Team Whoosh 🙂