Sleep Vs Technology

It’s 1:26am on a Thursday morning… your alarm is set to start buzzing in 4hours and 4mins from now… ARGHHHH why am I awake and not asleep. Why won’t my brain switch off… 2 hours from now after laying in bed frustrated and annoyed you finally get back to sleep for what seems 2 minutes and your alarm is barking in your right ear waking you back up.

With smartphones, iPads and laptops being so available in today’s way of life have these had a direct effect on our sleeping patterns? I’ve read heaps of studies on blue light, white light.. whatever these devices emit that apparently make your brain wake up when seeing this output of light. Much similar to reading social media updates at 2am in the morning when I’ve woken for the toilet. Then the studies that seem to go against the rules of today’s world… god forbid disconnecting from technology!! Surely it can’t be “that” hard to just switch off right?

I decided to take the 2 week challenge… actually plugging my phone in on the other side of the bedroom so it was not physically in reach of even my most stretched out arm and switching it to flight mode… Nothing will be received by my phone and the only noise I will hear is my following days alarm that I had set before slipping into bed.

So what was the outcome…

Nights 1 and 2 – As soon as I jumped into bed wondering what do I do now? I didn’t have Facebook or Instagram to scroll through, no music to listen to, just silence and my mind. Seemingly an uncomfortable situation to be forced into. However after some deep breathing I decided the best outcome was to just try to go to sleep… and that’s what I did.

Nights 3 and 4 – Much better-uninterrupted sleeps. Regretting the fact my phone was on the other side of the room, more so for the 415am alarm that would start beeping in which I had to get out of bed to go and switch off. No snooze buttons today.

Nights 5 and onwards… The change is now happening. Mind is not playing battles with itself, not missing social media updates all hours of the night, a peaceful uninterrupted sleep and surprisingly more energy from not hitting the snooze button 2-3 times every morning.

So in my opinion by the end of week 1 I could safely say and admit that I was totally hooked on technology and the safety net it provided without even realising it. But after this little test and only after 1 week I have realised how much more of a disruption these devices are to getting a good nights rest. Really there isn’t any need to have all this technology at an arms reach.

I agree technology definitely has a place in today’s society and is needed, however do we really need to have it attached to us 24/7 even when we are trying to sleep? Regardless of all the research etc that I have read about, it wasn’t until I acted on giving this a go that I have realised I won’t go back to having these devices beside me while I sleep. I’m much more productive and awake in the mornings and wake up feeling great, rested and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at me.

Give it a go, I urge you… See how much a difference it can make to your sleep and your energy for the day ahead!

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