Sore Neck and Shoulders?

Do you have poor rounded posture and get constant pain or headaches around these areas?

Human bodies were designed as fierce moving machines… lot’s and lot’s of multi-functional movement (running, jumping, leaping, bending, squatting, throwing etc) but overtime with the advancements of technology it seems that we have somewhat lost this ability to get up and get moving.

These day’s most of us are spending more and more time sitting at a desk, hunched over peering into a computer screen for hours on end, watching TV, playing computer games and surfing social media on our iPads.

What has this change of lifestyle done to our bodies? More chronic aches and pains. Sore tight necks and shoulders, which potentially leads to more headaches and pain as the outcome. So how do we go about fixing these problems?

Most people won’t pinpoint these issues to a lack of movement and exercise, however… the body needs to move to keep the muscles, tendons and bones strong and healthy. Sometimes as little as 15mins of extra conditioning movement a day will really help the outcome of your posture and overall being.

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to be standing taller? Have great posture? Feel stronger and fitter in your body? Not to mention rock an absolutely confident smile?

Then don’t delay! Ask us today about how you can achieve these things in your life… Let us complete a postural analysis with you, then allow us to help guide and train you on how to reset your body and correct your alignment for less pain and tightness in your daily life. Let’s get your body moving again in the way it was designed for!

Our fully qualified Personal Trainer’s help all people with varying body sizes, shapes and age with all difference aches, pains and tightness on a daily basis with 1 goal in mind… To ensure that you’re having fun whilst training, getting results that are specific to you and your needs and become a more healthy and confident individual!

Contact us today at the below email and let us help you improve your sore neck, tight shoulders and poor posture!

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