Stay Healthy This Winter

Stay Healthy This Winter!

So the weather has turned… that’s right it’s winter all over again, and it’s back with a vengeance feeling even colder then the last. So what are the tricks to staying healthy whilst continuing to keep your outdoor training schedule on track?

Here is my top 10 points on how to keep those bugs away from you this Winter.

1 – It might seem obvious, but can be quite difficult… try and stay away from sick people. If you don’t come in contact with sick people it can help to eliminate the chances of picking up a bug.

2 – Keep WARM! Keep your feet warm (double socks), and wear a cap or beenie to keep the heat in. These 2 areas are where you lose the most amount of heat, so over winter try to protect the warmth in these areas even if you are sweating while working out.

3 – Eat Healthy. By doing this it will ensure your body is getting heaps of beneficial nutrients from your food to help it ticking over nicely and fending off any potential threat from sickness bugs.

4 – Have hand sanitiser with you for those instances where you aren’t able to wash your hands. It might be in the food court before you eat your lunch or if you have been on a public transport and held onto any rails.

5 – Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. It’s hard over the winter months due to the decrease in sunlight, but taking a simple Vitamin D tablet may be just enough to keep a sickness away.

6 – Ensure that you are getting a minimum 7 hours of sleep. It’s vital to allow the body to rest and recharge to make sure it is strong and ready to fight any potential invading bug threat.

7 – Try not to go on any crazy dramatic big weight loss diets or crash diets that eliminate good food that you should be eating. It leaves your body usually depleted and run down which will allow bugs to attack your system much more easily.

8 – Avoid over-training and chronic fatigue. Be sensible with your workouts and don’t run yourself into the ground.

9 – Don’t share food or drinks with others. Keep those hands to yourself. If you take food from others you risk placing any germs straight into your body through digestion.

10 – Keep life stress to a minimum. The more you stress the more your body will feel tired and run down thus more open to getting sick.

So there you have it.. Our top 10 tips on how to stay healthy this winter and to keep on track with your outdoor training!

Train where you want, when you want!

Whoosh Team 🙂