Strengthen that Back!

Why is Strengthening Your Back So Good For You!

So many people today have poor posture. From sitting at desks all day, looking at computers, looking down at your phone. Everyone one of these actions is making you round your neck, shoulders and back. Bodies were designed to be moving machines. From reaching to jumping, ducking, running, walking, standing, looking forward, we have been designed to move.

So why is Strengthening your back so important and great for you?

1: It helps to get back your correct posture
2: It will help to get you to stand up nice and tall
3: Will help to pull those shoulders back into place and let your chest stand nice and proud
4: Will help you to lift and carry heavy objects without the same struggle
5: Better overall well being from everyday chores through to better training and technique

So what is some great exercises you can perform? Here’s my top 5 exercises to help strengthen your back.

1: Supermans – Pure body weight, targets lower back strength
2: Resistance Band Rows – Works the Lats and helps to draw back the shoulders
3: Wall Sit – Basic hold exercise but perfect once again for the lower back
4: Resistance Band Lat Pulldown – Lats
5: Reverse Resistance Band Flys – Shoulders and squeezing of muscles between the shoulder blades

So what are you waiting for? Get going… strengthen that back and start feeling tall and strong once more !

The Whoosh Team