Successful keys to weight loss

Why are consistent small weight losses the key to success?

Are your clothes a bit tighter than usual? Have you been considering a crash diet while weather is still calling for you to have a beach body? Have you been Googling the best ways to lose a few quick kilos? For most of us when we’re trying to slim down, this is the approach we take. We sound out our friends to find out what diets they’re all trying at the moment? Which one should you give a go? Should you try cutting out all of the carbs and fat? Or maybe switch to a high protein food plan? What about going zero fruit, or only have food if it’s been blended? What’s the latest fad out of Hollywood?

Everyone wishes they could lose weight quickly, but for most people this isn’t a recipe for successful weight loss. We all want instant gratification, but what’s the point if these crazy diets aren’t sustainable in the long term? You don’t really think you can survive on lemon water or juices for the rest of your life, do you? It’s really not hard to see how ridiculous all of these fads sound once we stop and think about the reality of what they’re asking us to do.

Throughout my journey, from a fat kid to a fitness trainer, I was one of these people –always on the lookout for a ‘quick’ fix to drop the weight. I must have bought every diet book ever published! But, unfortunately, that quick fix never really came along… My journey to becoming fit, healthy and happy, came down to hard work, lots of research and learning about how to fuel my body for success. I’m still challenged and I’m still working towards my long-term goal, and I’m always honest that my big sticking point is still striving to create balance in my life so that I can still enjoy some ‘naughty things’ every now and then. After all, life is meant for living.

The big lesson I’ve learned along my journey, and in working with my clients, is that the key to success is to focus on small weight loss figures rather than on large rapid weight drops. When you lose large amounts of weight really quickly, it doesn’t set you up for success in the long term. You miss out on learning how to make your weight loss sustainable. If you’re to successfully keep your weight off, it’s essential that you acquire the skills and tools to know how to live sustainably at your new weight. Unfortunately, for most people, after a period of fast weight loss they discover that it’s much harder to maintain that weight than it was to get down to it, and sadly most people soon put that weight back on.

When you lose weight more slowly, you’ll start learning how to listen to your body, how it’s feeling and how it reacts when you feed it certain foods. You’ll begin to understand nutrition on a different level and you’ll gain the mental strength to resist emotional eating. You’ll stop using food as a reward for a job well done or for surviving a long working week. We need food to keep our body’s energised to live a happy life. Once you break this cycle, you’ll begin to understand what it means to ‘feel good on the inside’. I know I did.

Another surprising thing I learned while on my journey is that when you truly listen to what your body is telling you about the food you’re consuming, it becomes easier to balance the calories coming in with the calories you’re burning. Gone are the days where I used to weigh every portion of food I was going to eat. Now my body tells me how much food I need to keep it fuelled, and because I’m choosing healthy options I know I’ll never feel ill if my body is telling me to eat a larger portion size of it. Once you become mindful of listening to your body’s needs, like I’ve been able to, your body will start to shed those excess kilos in small amounts until your body stabilises at its new natural base weight. It will be gradual and consistent, but most importantly it will be sustainable.

When you reach this point, I promise you that it will be far easier to keep that excess weight off! You won’t feel the need for yo-yo dieting, because those numbers on the scales won’t keep going up and down. You’ll just feel so much better about yourself and the journey you’re on. Small, consistent weight loss means you’re training and teaching your body the new way that you’re going to be living moving forward and this my friends is the key to success! Your body will go on the journey with you, but it’s your mind that you need to train. You need to become mentally tough and silence the doubting voice we can all hear inside our heads from time to time.

Becoming mentally tough means learning how to connect with your inner self and take control of the negative reasons that got you into this situation in the first place. And once you’ve got that control back, you’ll discover that not only is it helping you to achieve your weight loss goals, but you’ll have a renewed energy and optimism for getting the most out of every opportunity your life presents!

Keep up the great work!

With love
Brenton and Team Whoosh