Surviving the party social season

The festive season is fast approaching, and for some of us it’s already well underway! So how do you go about being social and enjoying yourself, but not say goodbye to the healthy gains you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

We’ve all given in to making excuses for overeating and excess alcohol at this time of year. “One more mince pie won’t hurt,” “I’ve worked hard, I deserve this,” “Okay, just one more drink!”

You’ve worked so hard on your fitness journey, losing those stubborn kilos and getting to the point where you feel good about yourself, then Christmas rocks around and all of the excuses come out to justify blowing all that hard work. Why go sabotaging it all with weeks of indulgent partying?

Here’s our TOP 5 TIPS on how to survive this festive season by staying on track and avoiding blowouts…

1 – It’s easy to forget, but Christmas (and all the food and drinks that go with it) is only for one day. Most people start celebrating way too early, but if your festivities start weeks out from Christmas, then you’re likely to make many more of those excuses to just keep eating and drinking. Be disciplined with yourself and decide which one day in the season is going to be your one blowout day. Will it be the work Christmas break up? Or, your festive season party with friends? Or will you save it for Christmas Day with your family? Sure, let your hair down, but keep in mind how many extra social events you’ll be attending over this period and where you need to be sensible with your food and alcohol consumption.

2 – Alcohol is empty calories! Our smart tip to help control your alcohol consumption this festive season is to grab a glass of icy cold sparkling water (or soda water) between each alcoholic drink. This will help to keep you hydrated, and being icy cold and fizzy, you’re likely to drink it slower –which will stretch out the time between your alcoholic drinks. Another sobering thought, when drinking, most people on average consume more calories in the food they’re eating, than people who aren’t drinking. And if none of that convinces you to limit your alcohol intake, cast your mind forward to the hangover you’ll want to avoid during this busy time of year.

3 – For the dessert lovers amongst us, seeing a table full of sweet treats is often what puts us over the edge. Where do you start? The pavlova? Which treats do you try? The trifle? The pudding with vanilla custard? Oh, bugger it, I’ll just have a piece of everything!! Let’s be honest, once you try one of everything, most times you realise that you didn’t really enjoy most of it. So why not just treat yourself to the one dessert that you know you’re going to love, your ultimate sweet sin –for me that’s a scoop of ice cream, it’s my ultimate weakness! Then you can kindly pass on the other options (skipping the bowl full of calories and the side of guilt). You’ll need to be strong, but you’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to hit up the gym for a week to burn it all off!

4 – Be a designated driver for one of the events in your festive calendar. The easiest way to avoid being guilted into drinking more is being the DD. Once people know you’re driving they’re more likely to skip over your glass when they’re doing the rounds of topping up the drinks.

5 – Try organising an event that doesn’t include alcohol and food. I know it seems crazy but, especially at this time of year when the weather is fining up, it can actually be fun to do something different. Instead of a BBQ lunch, how about catching up for a bush walk, or swapping out Sunday brunch for a Sunday morning run? A friendly game of tennis, or a family gathering on the beach for a swim or some beach cricket? Along with getting some added movement and exercise, you’re sure to have some laughs (and what better excuse to show off that beach body you’ve been working so hard on).

I’m sure there are plenty more tips we could all share, but this TOP 5 give you a great start to help keep you on track as we roll into December.

with love

Team Whoosh 🙂