Time To Get Serious

There is nothing like getting on board and doing a fun run for a really great cause! It gets you up and training (even in the depths of dark and wet winter days), keeps you on track and helps you accomplish something that will help others… What more of a reason do you need to get committed?

I’ve had a really good friend of mine rallying me to get on board to do the 18.8km Connor’s Run. It’s a fun run in Melbourne to help raise funds for research into brain tumours. Until I read up on it, I had no idea that 80% of children who are diagnosed with a brain tumour lose their battle within 5 years. Connor was a fighter and never let this stop him from living his life. This run is completed annually in his honour of his strength and courage fighting this battle at such a young age. After contemplating the run and the cause, I really couldn’t find any reasons of why to not do this.

So after spending an awesome fun filled weekend with my family and getting to see my new niece for the first time, and also playing with my energetic 3 year old nephew, it got me thinking… What if one of these two little people were struck down in years to come with a brain tumour? What if I could have done something to help with the research into finding a cure for this awful disease? So as I was sitting in Brisbane airport, waiting for my flight back to Melbourne I just did it… I grabbed the Virgin Lounge wifi password, fired up my laptop, logged onto the Connors Run website and registered. It really was that easy.

Yes it’s 18.8km I have committed myself to, but I figure the pain that I will endure is nothing compared to what some young people are going through on a daily basis, and well to be honest I have had a pretty darn good life so far.

Am I going to win? Highly unlikely… Am I going to set a fierce time… Maybe, maybe not… Do I expect a medal at the end… Nope! But at the end of the day it’s about finishing and feeling a sense of accomplishment that you’ve registered, committed, followed through, raised some money for an amazing cause and crossed that finish line with a massive smile on your face.

So many of us sit back and make excuses about why we can’t do something. Be spontaneous and take a chance to push your limits! Sign up to something on a whim and have a blast doing it. Whether you do a 4km walk, a 10km run, a half marathon or full marathon. Get out there, get moving and start living life! It doesn’t matter how you do it, just have fun with whatever you choose to do. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to make a difference, sometimes you just have to have faith in yourself!

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Go on, get signed up to something you’re passionate about and get moving more today and push your limits!

Whoosh Team ?