Tips to Training in the Heat

Running or Exercising in Hot Temperatures

It’s that time of year again when in Australia we are starting to experience our warmer temperatures of the year starting to come through, so it’s always a good reminder to have a think about the tips and signs you need to look out for to ensure you keep yourself safe whilst working out in hotter temperatures.

A few things that you should be on the lookout for are:

Dehydration: Make sure that you start your run or workout hydrated. Anything beyond 4% dehydration can cause problems so also drink to how thirsty you feel. Ensure you rehydrate well afterwards

Heat Cramps: This is where your muscles spasm which is caused by fluid losses. If you feel these coming on during your workout make sure you add extra hydration and reduce the level of intensity of your workout.

If you are feeling dizzy, faint, disoriented or experiencing poor balance then seek medical attention as soon as possible. If your body becomes too dehydrated you can cause yourself some serious damage and if untreated these symptoms could become life threatening.

So what are the best ways to Beat the onset of Summer Heat?

Here’s our top 4 tips on beating the heat

1: Understanding your effort and intensity

If it’s hot outside it’s pretty normal to feel that your workout is harder then usual. But make sure you listen to your body! If it’s telling you to take some pace off and slow down a bit then do it. You will notice a big difference between how you train in the cooler months to the hot months. Listen to your body and if you are slowing down during hot months you will be certainly surprised how your pace will improve when you do hit cooler months ago.

2: Know where you are going

If it’s going to be hot, try and plan a running route along a more shady path than where you would usually run. It’s surprising how much this will help to keep your body cool and keep it far better hydrated. Running beside water when there is a breeze will usually help with your body’s coolness as well due to the wind carrying the cool breeze from the water.

You could potentially think of changing the time of day you workout. As the days are nicer later into the evening maybe try a run after work when temps tend to be cooling down slightly or early mornings and get your body excited and pumping for the day ahead.

3: Stay Cool during your run or workout

We are extremely lucky these days to have great workout wear that is usually quick drying and super light. But the colour also plays a big part on keeping you cool. In summer try to go with lighter colours of fabric as this will help to repel heat and sunshine and keep you cooler. colours like black and dark blues tend to increase the temperature on your body and thus dehydrate you quicker while workout out.

4: Focus on Hydration

In the warmer months, (if you aren’t going to carry water with you) ensure that you know where the closest water fountains will be along your run or workout. The last thing you want is to be dying of thirst and not knowing where you can quickly get hydrated. This is how the onset of dehydration can hit you super quickly.

So get that brain functioning and plan your workout so your body is still able to train at it’s optimal output, but remember to listen to your body and how it’s feeling. Slow down where you need to, drink when you’re feeling thirsty and keep well hydrated before and after your workout.

So get out there, have fun and keep moving through the warmer months!

With Love
The Whoosh Team 🙂