Our Top 5 Resistant Band Exercises

Sometimes All You Need is a Resistant Band

It’s funny how most people see someone using a resistant band and think… *that person must be super weak* *who would waste their time using a band* *what purpose does it really have in a workout*. Well let me tell you, it has heaps of great purposes and they usually are a much harder workout then most expect.

Bands are fantastic to work all the muscles in your body including all your stabilisers and joints. Ensuring that you use great control and great technique you can get a solid workout with one. If used correctly, over time they will help with flexibility, full range of motion in your desired exercise and apply extra added pressure in different directions to your muscles to help drive better performance.

Here is out top 5 exercises to get your body pumping with a resistant band.

1 – Squat / Press : Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Have the band placed underneath both your feet and hold the band with both hands from underneath and positioned near your shoulders. Move into your squat position and as you come up from the low point of your squat push your arms up into a shoulder press movement and repeat. Perfect to work the glutes/quads/shoulders/back and core.

2 – Sideways Crab Walk : Wrap the resistant band around your legs. Come down into a squat position with the band always tensioned. Move one step outwards in a side direction followed with the same distance of the 2nd foot to always ensure the band is tight. Complete 10 in each direction. This move is fantastic for anyone wanting to build more power in your glutes/quads/hamstrings. It’s especially great for runners who usually only train in the forward backward direction. It will help to bring better stabilisation to the ankle/knee and hip joints.

3 – Resisted Pushup : When you get to the point where a normal pushup becomes easy, adding a resistant band helps to take it to the next level by adding extra resistance and force. Hold each end of the band in your hands and flip it behind your back. The band should sit over the shoulder blades. Perform your pushup to perfect form and depth.

4 – Squat / Row : Find a pole or something you can loop your resistance band around at chest level. Stand facing the pole holding the band with both hands. Take a couple of steps back to create the required tension on the band. Come down into a squat hold position and whilst holding the band pull the arms backwards keeping the shoulder down/relaxed and elbows close to the body. This is a great move to work the Lats in your back whilst also adding some extra burn to your legs whilst completing the exercise.

5 – Donkey Kick : Whilst kneeling on the floor on both your knees and hands, loop the band around one foot and hold the band with one hand. The aim is to keep the hips perfectly level and controlled with no tilting whilst pushing the leg backwards and into a straight position then repeating. We all know our bums can be lazy at the best of times, however this move will blast that laziness away and help to tone and shape your behind so it will look amazing in any clothes you like to wear.

So there you have it 5 exercises that will give you a great body workout whilst helping to tone and shape your body. The key to resistance band work isn’t all about speed, it’s about perfect technique and stabilisation through your core to ensure the body remains in the perfect position to get the best results.

Have fun in whipping those bands into action!

With Love
Team Whoosh 🙂