What Should I Eat?

Cut through the confusion

I get it… I really do… As a personal trainer I am faced daily with the discussion surrounding food with my clients and what they should and shouldn’t be eating to achieve their goals. Whether it be bulking up, leaning down, dropping weight, toning without getting muscly and the list goes on.

We have come to a place in time where above all people are using the “I’m busy” excuse more than ever before and convenience has become king. The reality is though, you can train to your hearts content… but if you’re eating crap food there is no amount of training that will ever get you to your desired results.

So where does one start? Everyday there is literally more and more studies being done on why cancer rates are increasing, type 2 diabetes is exploding into our health systems, anxiety and depression are becoming more and more noticed in our communities. Eat this diet, Eat that diet, cut out this, cut out that, increase this, don’t eat a carb, don’t have dairy, don’t eat meat, eat more veg, don’t buy from a box, only buy fresh food, don’t eat takeaway, low fat, low sugar, no fat, sugar free, low calorie blah blah blah blah. What the hell are you actually supposed to be eating! It’s just so bloody confusing these days.

Where does it all end. Interestingly I went to a really cool seminar over the weekend at the Melbourne Fitness Expo called “What should I Eat?”, the panel consisting of Michelle Bridges, Tim Robards, David Gillespie and Ellie Bullen. From all their walks of life and differences of opinions from Michelle who eats a balanced diet, David who cut out sugar, Ellie who is an active vegan but also dietician and nutritionist to Tim who is currently trying a ketosis based program. What I found interesting was that regardless of the background of each of these panelists in regards to how they eat, they all drilled down to a very similar opinion at the end of the day. Eat more plant based food for example vegetables, cut out the processed foods, eat smaller portions of meat and control your portion sizes of your meals.

There is no quick fix for being healthy. You either want to do it, or you don’t. It’s really that simple. It’s not brain surgery, it’s just down right common sense. The more products you buy that come out of a box, container or shrink wrap the less you really know what’s gone into that product. Michelle said something really great on stage… if you aren’t prepared to make the product from scratch at home, then it’s not worth you buying it pre made at a supermarket. Why… because at least when you make it from scratch you know exactly what’s gone into the product. If you buy a packet of pasta from a supermarket it’s not portioned properly, and are you really aware of what’s in it based on the ingredients list. It’s a really quick way of cutting the crap out of what you put in your mouth if you truly want to change.

Again don’t get me wrong, when you first start out making everything from scratch yourself it feels hard to organise your life to do it, but after a month it’s just second nature and the health benefits even in just this short amount of time are truly amazing. You just need to give yourself time to adjust to your new routine, and being organised is the key. Know what you’re having for dinner, lunch and breakfast. Your grocery shopping will be quick and easy, and far cheaper then what you’ve probably spent in the past. But again if you really want to change you will find a way to make it happen. If you don’t and only change a portion of your lifestyle then expect you are only ever going to achieve a portion of the results you want to achieve.

The choice is yours and solely yours. Figure out why your wanting to change, are you unhappy, frumpy, skinny, large, sad, depressed, unmotivated? Once you can pin point this you can start to make some pretty sweeping adjustments to your life to shift your lifestyle to help create the “new” you!

Best of luck with your changes and just keep chipping away even when it feels too hard!

With Love,

Team Whoosh 🙂