Winter Is Here So What’s Your Plan?

It’s that time of year again where we dig out our jumpers, pants, gloves and throw on an extra pair of socks to keep our feet warm and toasty. That’s right it’s winter…. It comes around the same time every year. Yet it feels like we try to bury the feeling of winter to the back of our minds and yet it’s a shock that we somehow didn’t expect winter to ever come back until it blasts us with our first expected week of cold temps.

It’s the time of year where so many of us fall off the bandwagon of our health, food and fitness goals. It’s so easy to make excuses in winter.. “it’s too cold”, “I’ll go tomorrow”, “I’ll have a big bowl of hot chips with a meat pie”, “I just want to stay in bed”.

So how do you push through this period of dark, cold and wet weather and come out the other side feeling ready to hit summer with a bang!

This is the perfect time to reassess your goals.

Step 1 – What is your goal? Decide what you want to achieve during winter… Is it weight loss etc?

Step 2 – When would you like to achieve the goals by? Make it specific and be determined!

Step 3 – Plan, Plan, Plan. Make sure you plan your grocery shopping, plan your meals, plan your workouts into your schedule and DON’T cancel on yourself.  You wouldn’t cancel on your best friend so why cancel on your number 1… you??

Step 4 – No excuses. Don’t use the blame game surrounding “not enough time” etc

Step 5 – Set your alarm on the other side of the room, so when it alarms you need to get up and out of bed! Now you have already started the day without battling with your head to stay in bed where it’s nice and warm.

Step 6 – Now that you’re already up, go and SMASH your workout!

We need to come up with ways to fix potential road blocks. If time is your de-railer, list out your time in 15min blocks from when you get home and see if tweaking your current schedule can allow you more time in your day to get your planning and prepping on track or even more relaxation time.

We fix problems everyday for others, now it’s time to start fixing your own problems for yourself! Don’t let excuses be the reason for you not achieving. This is the time, make the change and smash it! Get yourself a PT to keep you motivated over the colder months… We know from experience how hard it is to stay on track, but we know everyone has the power inside them to achieve if you believe in yourself!

So its winter…. who cares?? It’s here every year, yes it’s cold, yes it’s wet, yes it’s dark… but this is the best time to make great changes and to change not only your body but the most powerful part… your mind! Get ready for summer now… work hard in winter and enjoy everything that summer is going to bring!

Whoosh Crew ?