Fitness is more than just losing weight or gaining strength. So much more so that it helps more with mental clarity and your mental state than you probably think. 

Thanks for coming to check out what I'm all about. I love fitness because it not only makes me feel good but helps me to de-stress and gives me a good balance in my life. 

Are you ready? I'd love to help you with your health, fitness and wellbeing today. So right now you have a choice to take action, if you want to start feeling better physically and mentally I'm ready to help you now! Feel free to read all about my personal story below. 

- Masanari

My Story

personal training

Exercise has been part of my life from an early age.

I was born in the countryside in beautiful Japan. Some of my earliest memories of fitness was when I used to hang out with my friends and play sports like basketball and soccer. Fitness is more than just exercise. To me it was a gateway and a communication tool to a journey of making new friends.

I started my fitness journey when I joined the basketball team when I was 6 years old. This was because my two big brothers already joined the team and as the youngest in the family, I always followed them.

A few years later I enjoyed the buzz of becoming the leader of the team and we worked and trained really hard that year and we came out on top!  First place in the city! But above all personally, being awarded the best player of the competition really gave me the motivation and dream of bigger things in the sporting world.

Still on this high, I decided to learn boxing so I became a regular at the gym everyday because my goal was to be a professional boxer. Unfortunately, I broke my ankle and had to stop and change directions on my aspirations. As for anyone, this type of life change took a massive toll on me mentally. 

While I couldn't do any sports, because of my accident, I realised how important exercise was and still is for me as it calms me, it's like meditation.

After I moved to Australia, I started weight training to get stronger and this helps me with everything, even with my lower back pain! 

I started to think if I can help people using my knowledge and experience, it'd be amazing! I'd be able to make people happy and I love that! So that's when I decided I'll start to study fitness and that's how I became a PT.

As an adult there's a lot of stress and problems, exercise is not only good for your body but also your mental health. I understand how hard fitness can be for a lot of people so it's always my aim to listen, program and help motivate you to reach for the stars and smash your personal goals.

- Masanari

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Services Available

Personal Training  

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Training Qualifications

Certificate III In Fitness 

Certificate IV in Fitness

First Aid / CPR Certificates 

Boxing Level 1

Kettlebell Level 1 & 2

Masanari's home base is Armadale, Melbourne | Victoria

Suburbs serviced : Armadale, Toorak, Prahran, South Yarra, St Kilda