Are you ready to change your mindset and body in 42 days?

Transform42 has been created for busy people who want to change their mindset and fitness in just 42days.  

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Why Whoosh TRANSFORM42 works!

Here's why TRANSFORM42 is different and will get you results.

Trainers that lead

Our Trainers will be there to guide and demonstrate the full Transform42 workout to you in every session.  No scary yelling outdoor bootcamp style trainers here and NO BURPEES EVER!  Just a supportive team wanting to help you achieve your goals!

Dietician approved

We've gone one step further to provide our clients with the confidence of a dietician approved food guide that is designed for the flexibility of everyones choices and tastes.  Eating shouldn't be a lengthy or hard process.  Eating healthy can be really rewarding!   

Designed for REAL people!

We know people are busy!  Not everyone wants to be a body builder or a social influencer.  Sometimes we just need some motivation to get a quick workout in, enjoy quick nutritious meals and lose a few kg's.  If any of these ring a bell to you then Transform42 is for you!

Our trainers are REAL people just like you!

We know that it can be scary meeting and starting any new program.  Your success is our team's success.  Our trainers are here to help and support you through your journey. 

We understand we all have different goals and our training reflects that.  From a holiday, wedding or you just want to fit back into your old jeans our Whoosh Transform42 challenge is designed to help you in 42days to change your mindset, learn new ways of thinking around food and giving you great instructed workouts all outdoors!  

This program is designed for ALL fitness levels!

No sweaty, smelly gyms!

That's right!  We're excited to say all our sessions take place in the great outdoors.  It's refreshing, motivating and we are dog friendly!  

No more do you have to pay gym memberships on top of your challenge cost.  No joining fees or cancellation fees!  It's good on your hip pocket and you will get a good daily dose of happy feels by being outside in the fresh air.

So if you're ready to be supported through your journey, not get ripped off, then Transform42 is the right answer for you!

Why I believe in Whoosh Transform42

Welcome to our Whoosh Transform42 challenge, where in just 42 days we are going to help you change your mindset, increase your fitness levels, drop some weight and increase your bodies strength and tone.

I know from experience how it feels to be a larger person.  The taunts, bullying and lack of confidence within yourself stops you from living your life the way you want.  I know Transform42 works because I've used this exact program to lose weight, tone up and now appreciate and love who I am as a person.  Not all of us want to be bodybuilders or social influencers and live off chicken, broccoli and brown rice.  That's why this challenge works, because it's designed for real people just like you and me!  

So what are you waiting for?  If feeling better, getting your body and shape back or just increasing your self worth and confidence is at the front of your mind then get started today!  You've made it this far so why not give it a go?

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Are you Transform42 ready?

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