Dieting vs Lifestyle changes.

Which is better?  Dieting or lifestyle changes?

The word diet is so easily thrown around these days.  Let's be honest, the fitness industry loves the word diet because it generates millions of dollars in sales every year.  However should we be changing our terminology to 'lifestyle change' instead?  With all these crazy diets and fads is the fitness industry actually creating confusion on purpose?

It's already hard enough for people to wade through all the crap of info to make educated decisions about their health.  However the problem is also that people want the next quick fix.  A quick fix to gaining muscle, a quick fix to dropping weight.  If the quick fix doesn't work then people start playing the blame game. 

Let's break down the differences of dieting to that of creating lifestyle changes. 

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What is dieting?

Most of us have done it.  You know... you're going on holidays, have a wedding to attend or don't fit into your previous seasons clothes.  So you shake up your whole way of eating to try and drop weight quickly.   How does it make you feel?  Tired, hungry, angry and frustrated?  If this is how you are feeling than yes you are on the gravy train process of dieting.  We define dieting as:

  1. When you drastically restrict your calorie intake.
  2. We throw all food groups into 2 categories, is it good or bad?
  3. You've got a timeline to drop weight quickly by.

Diets are usually made up for a short period of time where you restrict your intake of food which doesn't leave you feeling great.  Why?  Because if your body isn't receiving it's nutritional needs or you're not fuelling it correctly.  By doing this you're not doing the right thing by your body. 

Changing your lifestyle

The problem with dieting is it's all about quick fixes.  When we talk lifestyle change it's teaching good habits that you can live by for the rest of your life.  Learning how to eat well for the period of life you're in.  Because as we age we need different nutritional requirements for our bodies. 

So what is a lifestyle change and what does it involve?

  1. Listening to your body about how it feels and how it needs to be fuelled.
  2. Moving more - Exercising on a regular basis is good for your health, mind, body and keeping your weight maintained. 
  3. Knowing that a slow weight loss is more achievable to maintain than a quick weight loss.  500g-1kg a week is a good aim.
  4. Don't rely on the quick fixes of crash dieting.
  5. It's more than just a number on a scale.  Using measurements and how your clothes fit are a good indicator on how you're feeling.
  6. Learning and knowing what good nutritious, wholesome foods you should be fuelling your body with.

So where to from here?

Your best bet on losing weight or building muscle for the long term is about creating life long changes to your eating and exercise habits.  If you're sick of constantly starting your fitness journey over and over again, or needing to reignite motivation maybe it's time to change.  Change the way your eating, change the way your exercising and learn to listen to your body. 

At Whoosh we believe in teaching clients these life long changes.  Because there's more to life than bouncing from one fad to the next.  You can live a healthy, well balanced life and still work on weight loss or gaining muscles without the need to kill your body in the process.

Until next time,

Be Inspired | Be Inspirational | Never Give Up.

- Brenton Wells

Found Whoosh Fitness

Brenton - Founder @Whooshfitness