Is Social Media Affecting Your Body Image?

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Is social media affecting your body image?

Just take a moment to do this. Open up your instagram and facebook and check how many people you're following. Now think about how many mins/hours you spend on social media per day. Most people will scroll over images once every 2-3 seconds. This means even if you spend only 30mins a day looking through your social media you're being bombarded with over 900 images daily.

Think about how many people you follow that are 'influencers'. You know the ones.. they post half naked, butt posing, perfectly tanned, perfectly edited pictures of themselves laying beside a pool or smiling into the camera at you. There's a reason why these people are called influencers but are these images actually doing you the good that you think they are? 

For example take this picture below... take a minute to look at it and think of a list on how it makes you feel.


How do you feel?

After seeing images like this (and just to be clear this is just a stock photo) but how does it make you feel?

Do you see an educated lady with self made worth studying or reading information to further her career OR are you seeing someone that looks perfect, with a perfect tan, perfect hair, perfect makeup and with the perfect body?

If you see the 2nd scenario how are you now personally feeling? Like really feeling? Do you wish this could be you, do you wish this is how you would look in a bikini? 

When scrolling through social media it may not be an instant thought that goes into your mind, however your brain is triggered by these types of images even if you're not connecting 100% as you scroll. The next time you look at yourself in the mirror what will you look at? Your legs, your mid section, your face, your arms? Will you feel content or happy with what you see?

Having a negative body image of yourself is a hard thing to overcome and it's not just the ladies that feel the pressure of living up to the perception of 'how one should look'. Let's check out a male version of the pic above.

male influencer

The pressures for guys are also real. How many guys want this just because it's blasted across social media daily. Most influencers on Instagram or facebook are fully aware that these are the types of photos they need to post to gain the followers and help increase their 'influencer' status.

So What's The Fix?


Stop trying to make yourself into something that is potentially unachievable. You never know how much editing and photo shopping has been done to an image to make it look this way. Maybe you're trying to strive for something that even the person in the image hasn't been able to achieve. 


Allowing yourself to feel proud about who you are. Appreciating the skin you're in is super powerful. You may not have the 6pack or the size zero midsection that images like this perceive that you should have, but just remember this... your body is there for you every day. It helps you get around, move, work, play with the kids and it just keeps on keeping on. So don't talk down to it. It's more powerful and amazing than what you realise! Don't take it for granted.


That's right we've said it. Stop trying to achieve the unachievable. It's not to say these people aren't nice, lovely people but that drink they are posing with as a paid partnership WILL NOT help you achieve the body that they've got. If you're doubting your self body image, following these types of people on instagram won't help you perceive your body in positive light. It will only continue your journey of self body hate and sabotage. 


Want to feel good within yourself? Start by following people that do good for the world or even within their community. They may not have the body, tan and makeup but their stories will be uplifting and motivational. A much more positive light for your overall mental health. 


How Do You Inspire People Around You?

You have the power to inspire people around you. Big or small it doesn't matter! The main thing is you can help people feel positive. Helping inspire others will also help to inspire yourself.

You don't have to change the world. Even just smiling at random people as you walk to work could touch someone and inspire them for the better. You never know how you effect people across your day to day.

So again, if you're not feeling great about your body don't follow people that are going to make you feel worse and more judgemental of yourself. If you want to get fitter and healthier, great! But do it safely and correctly. Crazy hyped up 'in fashion' diets will not help you achieve what you want.

It comes back to the basics, move more, eat well and be consistent and speak positively to yourself in the mirror. Positivity will always win over negative views on ones self.

Until next time, be inspired | be inspirational and speak positively of yourself!


Brenton Wells

Brenton is the founder of Whoosh Fitness. Feeling the fitness industry was daunting, unapproachable and scary for a large portion of the public it soon became his passion to help all people, regardless of race, sexuality and fitness level understand the benefits of leading a healthy fitness balanced life. Giving people honest, zero crap info, flexibility, great value training was and still is his goal for all Aussies. 


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