Low Motivation – What to do when you’re not feeling it

Low on motivation? Do you do it or skip it?

Low motivation kills results but choosing do you do it or skip it can make all the difference.  Regardless whether you're an elite athlete or someone who just enjoys walking daily for 30mins, you can't always be 100% motivated for every single workout.  

You might think that people that train everyday have this weird love of fitness in their blood. This well may be the case however, I can guarantee that not every session is felt with the same level of motivation.  We all have good and bad days with food, fitness and overall health and wellbeing.  

In this specific instance you make a decision.  Do you skip it (your workout that is) or do it?  Every time you choose to skip your workout your making it 1 day longer that you will achieve your goals. 

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Which decision will you make?  Do you skip it or do it?

Why do some people get results and others don't?

When it comes to any fitness journey you will notice that some people get results and some don't.  What are their reasons for fitness success?  Speaking about fitness success it's extremely hard to define a set idea for what this success looks like.  This is because everyone's desires and goals are very different to one another.  

One person may want to lose weight while the very next person is trying to gain weight.  But one thing is certain those that get results make the choice to not skip their workout.  Even if they aren't feeling 100% motivated they get on their workout clothes and hop to it. 

Even if their output in their workout isn't at 100% at least they have committed to getting a workout into their day.  This mentally makes you stronger moving forward when you hit this wall of resistance again in the future. 

getting real

Get real with your fitness! Gyms aren't always required.

Motivation - It comes down to consistency

Those that get results are consistent, no if's and but's about it.  It's not a newsflash and definitely not the first time we've used this word.  If you're consistent it's far more probable that you will achieve your goals.  

When you're consistent you have a different mind set, a better functioning system.  When your body feels cleansed and clean it actually helps to give you more motivation and a much clearer mind.  You also get much better at fending off the advancements of bad food and alcohol offers from friends when you are strong minded on where you're heading.

So DON'T skip it just DO IT!  That's the motto of this article.  Even if you're not feeling 100% motivated a workout at 50% motivation is better then a workout that you chose to not do.  

So keep at it and until next time,

Be Inspired | Be Inspirational | Never Give Up!

-Brenton Wells

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