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Dressing for success

With the weather becoming cooler it's time to reassess your workout wardrobe.  Derailing your fitness program over winter is the reality for a lot of people.  The weather becomes darker, cooler and drearier and your cravings for comfort food dramatically increase.  So today we wanted to talk about shopping your way to keeping fit.

If you love clothes shopping you can even run back to your partner and let them know we've given you the approval to spend to succeed.  (Ok maybe don't go overboard haha) but it's true that having the right clothing for the winter months can keep you on track. 

So where do you start and what do you need to ensure your winter wardrobe essentials ready for you to go?  Checkout our Winter Wardrobe tips below.

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Fitness Winter Wardrobe Tips

Feet to Ankles

Great pair of socks - The first major tip when it comes to sock is stay away from cotton socks in cold or warm weather.  They will leave your feet damp and wet making you more susceptible to blisters.  Wicking socks are the best way to go.  They are made from fabrics like acrylic, Coolmax and wool (in winter).  These fabrics help to pull the moisture away from the feet keeping you warm and dry.

Correct Shoes - Buying the correct type of shoes for your exercise is important.  They are designed differently depending on the workout you are undertaking.  Running shoes, cross trainers or sports specific shoes all have specific purpose.  So ensure you purchase the right shoe for the right type of exercise. 

Head to Neck 

Thermal Hat - With most temperature being lost from the head when exercising, it's a great idea to have a fleece or wool hate/beanie.  It will keep the warmth in and let the moisture out.  Feeling too hot?  Easy just whip it off and tuck into your pants. 

Lip Protection - The pain can be real when exercise in cold temps and this goes for your lips too.  To ensure you don't end up with dry and sore red lips it's a great idea to carry a good lip balm with you. 

​Upper Body

Layering - To keep yourself warm around your chest and back the key is to learn how to layer effectively.  Use a good initial layer that will help to extract moisture away from your body.  Most sportswear brands have these lightweight products available. 

2nd layer is all about insulation.  So use something warm like a fleece.  Fleece is designed to allow enough air in to not over heat yourself but enough to keep the body warm. 

3rd layer is about wind and water resistance.  Something light that still breathes and allows moisture to get out but not come in.  Having a zipper in the front will also help should you start to overheat. 

Gloves - To keep those little fingers moving it's a great idea to get a good set of gloves.  Everyone has their preference but again we recommend something that is thing but extracts moisture but keeps warmth in. 

Lower Body

Tights or Running Skins - These are designed to keep your muscles warm and compressed.  It will assist with overall performance and help to reduce injury should your muscles become cold.  If it's exceptionally cold you may need to add an extra layer of pants over the top.  Skins are designed to move moisture away from the body while keeping muscles warm.  

Dressing for success (especially in colder weather) will help you stay motivated across the cooler months.  Leaving you feeling more confident and body positive about yourself when the warmer weather comes back around.  Sounds great doesn't it!

So fill up that wardrobe and stay on track this Autumn/Winter.  Don't forget to share this article with your friends and  make a social outing of it with some of your besties.

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