What is Sitting really doing to you?

Our Top 5 reasons why sitting is bad for you

It's no secret that as an overall population we are sitting more.  Sitting down for work, sitting down to watch TV, sitting down on public transport are just a few things we've flagged here.  So what are the risks of sitting more and why is it really that bad for us and our bodies?  

Plenty of studies are now coming out about the issues from sitting.  So if it's that bad for us why do we keep doing it?  What are we doing as a society to get people moving throughout the day?  What are you doing to limit the hours spent sitting and are you coming up with creative ways to move your body more?  If you are moving more already ...well done, if you're yet to get there keep reading below about why you should be moving more.

Enjoy a life of movement

Listed below are our 5 reasons why we believe you should be moving more throughout the day.  Start thinking about how you can get more activity into your day whilst you read through our list.

1:  Increased Risk of Heart Disease  

That's right crew, just by sitting more you are increasing the chances of getting heart disease.  So to help reduce your risk get up and go for a lunchtime walk/jog or even just stretch every 30mins for about 2mins at your desk or go for a walk around your office. 

2:  You'll undo all your exercise  

Just because you might be working out everyday doesn't mean that sitting isn't doing you damage.  People that have been found to be physically active with a gym and then sit all day still have elevated risks of the things we are discussing.  So it pays to still think about how you can stretch and move more throughout your day.

3:  Odds of becoming a Diabetic rise  

having a sedentary life has been found to increase the chances of becoming a diabetic.  Most of these diseases can be reduced for most people if they would just get up and move more.

4:  You'll gain weight 

It's not surprise that if you spend hours on end in front of a laptop or computer games that you will most likely gain weight.  The more you sit and the less you move means the less energy your body requires for fuel.  The problem is most people will not cut back their food intake which will intern increase their weight. 

5:  It Wrecks your back 

Sitting causes havoc on your spine and posture.  By simply purchasing an ergonomic chair will certainly assist your sitting posture and support your back.  What's better though is if you move around for 1-2mins for every 30mins.  We don't mean doing high knees or star jumps.  Simply stretching down to your toes and lengthening out your body is enough to keep your body's posture in line and ready for your next sitting session.

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So it's pretty noticeable to see that sitting for too many hours IS doing our bodies damage.  There are quick and simple stretches and moves that you can do to keep your body on track and feeling good.  Don't become a statistic and keep yourself healthy, strong and fighting fit for many years to come!

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